Ooho makes ‘Eating’water possible! These tiny edible water bottles are putting an end to plastic packaging!

From: Teconology
publisher: Megan
Time: 2017-06-20

The water ball,named “Ooho” was created by a startup known as Skipping Rocks Lab. The productwas seen as a spherical blob which has water encased in it making it a squishybottle. Yet, the huge surprise is that you could actually eat the whole blob ofwater with no plastic bottle needed.


Ooho wasmentioned to be a biodegradable and natural membrane which can be fullyswallowed and digested, as well as hydrating people in the same way as drinkingwater. Morever, amid Ooho being edible, people are still given the choicewhether to eat the membrane or not since it was identified to be tasteless andhas an unusual surface when eaten. Yet, people could still throw it away andnot eat it because it was reported to be biodegradable, it will just break downas a compost on land or ground over a week or so. Besides, each ball only take2 cents.


The downside ofthe product not becoming global is that it only makes one gulf of water comparedto a bottle. Another disadvantage of Ooho was it its delicate membrane notbeing able to toss it anyway or pack it into someone's bag pack.

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